Welcome to the end, rather the beginning, of our journey! The end to all imperfections we wish to change.  The beginning of amazing changes yet to come. Do I expect this to be easy? Not at all. Do I expect to succeed? Absolutely! My husband and I have been married for five years (a second marriage for us both). With four kids between us, daily life is not always a fairy tale, yet it is OUR fairy tale. This life together is a blessing and a second chance to live out our dreams with our soul mate.

This is the year we pay off all debt and plump up our savings. This is the year we both get fit and healthy for ourselves and our kids. This is the year we organize and prioritize. This is the year we work hard, play hard, and bring to life all our dreams. This is not just the normal list of New Year’s Resolutions. This is a commitment to life changing goals, thoughts, habits, and meeting goals that we dream about each year. This is a new master plan. This is our amazing journey.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new year, and a new chapter of life. 2015 is our year!


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