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Day 2: Stay strong, get serious!

Good Morning!

Well today is Day 2 of my amazing journey. Today is Project Day and my post will be in two parts – Pre-project and Post project.

I hope I can accomplish all the items on my list:

  1. Pantry & Freezer Inventory   (Following Ruth Soukup’s 31-day No Spending Challenge)
  2. Setting up my new Life Planner (Erin Condren Life Planner

So, off I go…coffee in hand, inventory sheets and planner in tow. See you soon with my before/after photos.  A tout a l’heure! (see you later!) 

Hello again! Seven hours later and I’m back to report in on project day.

Project #1:  Pantry & Freezer Inventory

The freezers (all 3 of them) got purged, organized and inventoried. I did not yet get to the Pantry Inventory. Our pantry is actually fairly organized and clean, but an inventory is certainly needed. My husband and I even came up with a new “quick” meal along the way today. More on that later in the post.

Collage 2015-01-02 15_17_29     Collage 2015-01-02 15_21_00

The above pictures are the BEFORE and AFTER of my freezers. Before there was no rhyme or reason, everything was just shoved in there. Plus there were plenty of mystery dishes (yuck!) that were tossed out. When all was said and done, my fingers were frozen, everything was labeled, inventoried, categorized and in its own special place. Not to mention there ended up being a large contractor sized trash bag full of UFO’s (Unidentified Food Objects). It is amazing to see how what you do have and what you think you have are so different. Now with the Freezer Inventory sheet placed prominently on the fridge door, we can finally see what we have for meal making. Get your cute Freezer Inventory Sheet here at Ruth Soukup’s 31-day No Spending Challenge.

Speaking of meal making, we threw together a meal today that would not have come into existence without this freezer purge. We call it “Tossed Italian Turkey Pasta” and it was so simple. Just boil some garden variety spiral noodles in boiling chicken broth (or stock) and cook until a little more done than al dente, but not fully cooked. Drain and set aside. In a large skillet, saute together sliced black olives, 1/2 package of pepperoni slices (roughly chopped), 1 lb roasted turkey (roughly chopped), and sea salt and pepper, to taste. When skillet mixture is well heated, remove from heat. Toss together meat mixture and spiral pasta in a large serving bowl. Let cool slightly then serve in individual bowls tossed with a dressing of choice. We prefer light Caesar dressing. Garnish with fresh shredded Parmesan cheese and enjoy! Yum!

20150102_195542  “Tossed Italian Turkey Pasta”


Project #2: Setting up my new Erin Condren Life Planner

Yay! I’m so excited to get this project pretty much completed. As anyone who uses a planner knows, they are organic extensions of our souls. Nothing is more fun at the new year than setting up your new planner. This year I splurged and got my first ECLP. It’s lovely and has started an obsession (I’ve placed 3 ordered total in about 3 weeks). As of today, I have gotten the bones of my planner set up and ready for all my tracking, planning, journaling, etc. If you are familiar with ECLP, I decided to use the Morning/Day/Night headings as Work/Home/Projects & Blog. These three categories seem to be the best fit for my journey.  I love being able to put my teaching, family/home, and projects all in the same place! Now, I just need to get a new, larger purse. Oh wait! I’m on a spending freeze for a month. It’s okay. I have plenty of bags for now. Here are some pictures of my new planner.

Collage 2015-01-02 18_53_06        Collage 2015-01-02 18_58_42

The first picture is just a collage of the planner in general. I love the tabbed monthly spread with the weekly pages behind each month. The planner comes with a bookmark that fits on the coil, a perpetual calendar, pockets, appointment and blank stickers that fit the boxes, and a clear zip pouch.  The second picture is just a collection of the Notes Pages in the back of the planner that I will be using to keep all my thoughts together. I really wanted to head off to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and buy all kinds of amazing stickers to decorate these pages. Alas, the spending freeze! So, I dug out the stickers I have left from my kids’ school projects and made do. Not bad for “making do”.

As I said earlier in the post, I did not yet get to the Pantry Inventory. I will add this to tomorrow’s Project List unless I manage to get a second wind tonight. No, it did not take me a full seven hours to purge and inventory the freezer and set up my planner. I did manage to spend some time with my family watching a mini-marathon of Z Nation on the SyFy channel. It’s not quite AMC’s Walking Dead, but we did enjoy it! Enjoyment, ah that is the balanced sweet spot between work and family. I worked a little, played a little, and worked a little more.

So, for now I sign off and hope you found a little bliss on your journey today as well.







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