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Day 3: Priorities Aligned

Today was productive and included projects not even on my list! What a great feeling.  School starts Monday for me and the students come back on Tuesday so I made sure I got up “early” today compared to the past two weeks. 8:00am was not too bad, but 4:30am on Monday morning will certainly be awful. Not looking forward to those super early mornings!

My project list today consisted of:

  1. Pantry Inventory (carryover from Project day 2)
  2. Meal Planning
  3. Gather total debt balances & set up debt snowball form
  4. Firm up January budget and schedule monthly payments

The Pantry Inventory was completed today before we left the house. Yay! Just as with the freezer inventory, it was amazing to see how much food we have in this house! No wonder our figures are so well rounded, ha ha. The teens, of course, would swear there is nothing to eat. Now the Pantry Inventory and Freezer Inventory are neatly tacked on the fridge. What a relief to know what I do not have to buy at the grocery store.

We were also blessed with spending several hours in town with my husband’s aunt and her family. Spending time with family (especially when we get to go out to eat) is one of my favorite things. My husband’s birthday is right after Christmas so it was an extra nice surprise when our entire lunch ended up being paid by family. Day 3 and we are doing pretty well on NO spending except for essentials. I am liking this trend.

Another exciting event that was not planned was a great conversation with my hubby about returning to school to pursue a Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership for Principal Certification. He is such a wonderful support system! The next thing I know, two applications are now submitted to two different schools. One to Sam Houston State University and one to Western Governor’s University. Bachelor’s and Master’s transcripts have been ordered, enrollment counselors have been emailed back, and my FASFA has been submitted successfully. Let the waiting game begin! Oh, I probably should get started on my admissions essay. I am still wondering though if I should look at a few more schools. It might not hurt to check out UT and SFA as well.

This evening was just as productive. It took a while but I bit the bullet and logged in to all our liability accounts. UGH. I hate paying bills and owing money. One major resolve this year is to get every debt payed off! It’s a huge feat but hey, it is better to owe nobody then worry about paying bills.

What does My Operation Debt Snowball consist of?

  • Step 1: Gather all current payoff balances (don’t panic!).
  • Step 2: Sit down and evaluate the regular monthly budget
  • Step 3: Firm up the monthly budget, trim all unnecessary spending. I like to use an Excel spreadsheet with each paycheck listed in a column and the expenses paid with each paycheck subtracted out.
  • Step 4: Schedule as many online payments ahead of time as possible
  • Step 4: Allocate all leftover income from each check to Emergency Savings and / or pay-off the smallest debt balance possible.

I really enjoy getting advice and motivation from Dave Ramsey. If you are not familiar with his Baby Steps Program, check it out. We are not as hard core in our house as we could be, but when we follow his advice as close as possible, we always have more than enough. If you are not into Dave’s philosophies don’t worry, there are many personal finance experts out there today. I encourage you to find someone whose philosophies are in line with your own personal beliefs and financial goals.

All in all, today was busy and full of unexpected blessings. What a great day! The Meal Planning task did not happen today, however. I guess I will have to do that tomorrow.

After all, tomorrow is another day!





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