Day 5: Back to the Grind

Today 5:30am came way too early and tomorrow 4:30am will be even harder. Sigh. Time, it seems, is something I never have enough of these days. My lists are longer, my responsibility load is heavier, and my dreams are loftier.

Do you ever find yourself in the same boat? Too much to do and not enough time? Perhaps you have too much time and not enough to do. Whichever the case may be, time is so important and yet so fleeting.

Today in our area, as I’m sure in yours, so many teachers are starting back to school today and the kids will start back tomorrow.  It seems like just yesterday, the school year was starting.  Now, after what feels like a split second, it’s half way over! Kids and teachers alike are anxiously awaiting summer and dreading state mandated testing. Parents are dreading summer.

Ah Time. It seems like an elusive friend we never get to see enough and yet it can just as easily be the thief that robs us of so much joy. All the same, time itself is the joy. Time allows us to look forward to things and have excitement waiting just around the corner. Time is also the comfort of fond memories and the softening of harsh ones. Time is magical and organic, and often taken for granted. 

As I sit here tonight thinking of all the things I needed to accomplish today for this first week back at school, I feel as if I never have enough time. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Time is what I make it. Time is what I allow it to be in my life. It can be frantic or it can be calming. It all depends on me. It depends on my priorities.

I am 100% a Type A, OCD, workaholic. This year, I have chosen to be more mindful of my time. Even though planning is part of my DNA and so many things come at me from nowhere, I still can control the outcome. Today has been a day of planning. All the plans for the remainder of the year have been laid out and agreed upon with my department.  Personal appointments have been set and vacations penciled in as well. My new 2015 planner is definitely getting filled very quickly.

The important thing for me to remember and you as well, is for us to make time for the small things. The small, seemingly insignificant things that feel like they eat up our days and nights are really the essential things. A beautifully, aromatic cup of coffee brewing ever so slowly in the morning. A needy toddler wanting nothing more than to be held and read to at that very momemt. Teens wishing you would really listen and not just pretend. A husband, a friend, a family member vying for your attention. These are the small things that are actually the most significant in our short time here on earth.

As you and your family get back to the post – holiday grind, remember to schedule time for Time. Time to eat together, play together, pray together, and perhaps even some quiet time for yourself. It is not always easy to pencil it all in but that is what pencils with eraders are for. They allow you to be fluid and flexible, to plan and unplan as needed. So, go ahead and plan away. Plan some time for family, faith, and fun a much as possible every day. Plan for the big and the little. Plan with your dreams in mind and joy in your soul!




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