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Day 25: The Ties that Bind

January 2015 is almost coming to a close. How are you doing on your goals, tasks, and projects? I, myself, am making v-e-r-y s-l-o-w progress. That’s okay! Slow and steady wins the race! I am determined to not just throw in the towel.

This past week I have been reflecting a lot on keeping in touch with family and friends far away. I guess it is my age (21 with 20 years of experience), but I really miss my dear ones more and more.

One of my projects for January was to update an address book – complete withgreeting cards emails, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. as well as start building back up my greeting card stock. In addition to sending cards and letters, I plan on getting ahead on purchasing gifts as much as possible.


For a great February project, I came across a Facebook post on a friend’s feed about “A Month of Letters”. The mission is to send a handwritten letter (or card) each day for the month of February to someone who has positively impacted your life. The letter must be sent the old fashioned way via USPS. I love this idea! In fact, why not do it more than once a year?! Who’s in? Next Sunday is February 1st so we have seven days to gather stationary, cards, and stamps.

Below is my plan for keeping track and honoring special occasions. Of course, this does take a little time for planning, shopping, and of course, needs to be included in the monthly budget.

  1. On the first of every month, purchase cards and pretty stationary plus stamps. Or, if required by the monthly budget, purchase a few each week until personal stationary stash is well stocked.
  2. Look at my perpetual calendar for birthdays. anniversaries. etc and write them on my Monthly calendar or To Do List so I can pick up small gifts or gift cards as needed.
  3. Set aside time at the beginning of the month for a writing marathon or shorter weekly sessions in order to reflect on my words and their intended recipient.
  4. Make sure what ever I need to mail off that week goes with me Monday morning. I get so excited just thinking about the smile on someones face when they get a special treat in the mail just for them, that is NOT a bill.

To help me with both of these projects I recently purchased a personalized address book from Erin Condren. I am just so in love with her products! This family address book is not only beautiful but personalized with our last name.  There are so many cover designs and color combos from which to choose.

The feature I love most is the Monthly Perpetual calendar at the front of the book. Each monthly page is lined with a day number. No need to forget anymore birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions. Simply write in the name or occasion once (no more transferring!) and remember all special dates year after year!

The book also provides tabbed A-Z sections and inspirational / motivational quotes throughout. Each pages offers nicely lined spaces for all the information you could want or need for any contact, including email. Now, how is that for an updated version of an old-fashioned favorite?!






If you are interested in your own personalize Erin Condren planner, address book, and much more, you can check out


Jennifer ♡


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