30 Days CAN Make a Difference

30 days.

30 days seem like such a short time and yet, can seem like an eternity. It is all how you view your time. We are each given the same 24 hours each day, the same seven days per week, and an average of 30 days per month. What do you do with your time? I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have enough. The sands seem to run faster each day through the hour glass.

Do you wake up each day ready to go forth and conquer or dread just having to go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee? What about at night? When at last you rest your head is your heart full and your to do list empty? Or do you toss and turn being chased by thoughts centered around “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve”? I have been privileged to the bliss and the burdens aforementioned. So as I sit back and relax over Spring Break, one question becomes all the more important. What shall I do with my precious time and still get the most out of it? Since I was a little girl, I have wanted to do everything and I mean everything. What I have learned over the years is that I can’t do it all. Okay, well I can, but I cannot do it all at once.

Balance is the key. If you or I are going to attempt to do it all, we must prioritize. Who and what is most important?  If I were to make a list of what is important to me it would look like:

  1. Daily quiet time with my Bible
  2. More leisurely dinners with the whole family
  3. Weekly family fun
  4. More conversations with loved ones far away
  5. Daily, consistent exercise (with NO slacking)
  6. Sticking to a paleo/vegetarian way of eating
  7. Drink 100oz of water daily
  8. Eliminate clutter from home & office
  9. Eliminate excess / non-essential spending
  10. Do one kind / helpful thing for someone else each day
  11. Send more handwritten letters to friends and family
  12. Complete home remodel projects
  13. Get all household paperwork and family photos organized at last
  14. Plan and complete items on our Bucket List

I could probably keep going, but I am sure you are more interested in creating your own priority list. What would your list consist of? Take a few moments to write down who and what is most important to you. Then once you have that down in ink, you can start prioritizing and making specific plans. The good thing about the main list is being able to select what can be done in what amount of time and in what order you should proceed. Several items on my list in particular are simply a matter of scheduling on my daily calendar and using my time each day wisely. Other items are larger, more time consuming projects. These items will need some planning to break them down into manageable chunks that can be accomplished during a set time frame, a day or two, or a long range project. It’s a good think I am obsessed with my planner and making lists for just about everything.

The key for most people and especially myself, is follow through. I usually start out with a bang, then stretch myself too thin. Once that happens, exhaustion sets in and nothing gets done. Well then, what do I do about it? I pick myself up again, ever day, and start again. Slip ups are just opportunities to learn about myself and how I can better handle curve balls sent my way. It all depends on your perspective. Now that you have your list, what are your obstacles?

  • I may not have a large amount of time to be still, quiet, and reflect as I read a passage from my Bible, but I CAN carve out 10-15 minutes while enjoying a cup of coffee.
  • Scheduling family dinners with two high school junior (soon to both be 18) is challenging, but I CAN insist on one or two nights each week where we sit, eat, and visit as a family.
  • Time and money do not always meet, but I CAN schedule at least a monthly family fun outing (or night in) to help us slow down and reconnect.
  • I may not be able to workout 30 minutes each day, but I CAN certainly get 10 minutes done.
  • I may not follow through on my wellness plan for eating and water intake, but I CAN take charge one meal at a time. I CAN set an alarm a few times a day to chug some much needed H20.
  • Work and family make it hard to complete purge & organize the house, our paperwork, and pictures, but I CAN pick one or two small areas each week to complete. Slow and steady does win the race.
  • I may not have time to see or call my long-distance loved ones all the time, but I CAN dash off a quick note or send a card just to let them know I am thinking about them.
  • I may not be able to change someone’s life with a random act of kindness every day, but I CAN smile, wave, offer a kind word, or look for any opportunity whether large or small, to make positive difference for all those I come in contact with each day.

Can you sense the overwhelming theme? I CAN!  I can do all these things on my master list. I can go to sleep each night knowing I did the best I can do. Planning is important (that is where my planner comes in) and giving myself grace when things don’t go as planned. After all, I CAN do it all. I just might have to do it all a little at a time, over time, and enjoy the journey.

What do you have planned to accomplish in the next 30 days? Remember if I CAN, then YOU CAN!




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