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Struggling with Balance! Confession from a wanna be Superwoman…

So, I am embarrassed to note my last post was in MARCH and here it is JULY! Needless to say April, May, and June have been crazy busy! It is the truth not an excuse. Hence my revived pledge to myself to find balance for a plate that is overwhelmingly full. You see, I am not just your typical working mom, I’m a wanna be superwoman. Yes, I know. I frequently tell myself that I can do it all, just not all at once. This is a very hard pill to swallow because as a dreamer, I feel like I can do it all.

What does my life plate look like? Well, let’s see..

  • I am a full-time wife to an amazing guy
  • I am a full-time mom to 4 kids who I love, but keep me on my toes
  • I am a full-time 8th grade math teacher and math department chair
  • I am a full-time grad student working on my 2nd Master’s degree
  • I am a full-time dreamer. I want to do it all and be it all.

Why not? Why can’t I be a super athlete like two of my friends (you know who your are)? Why can’t I be a master of homemaking like Martha? A master cook like Julia? Why can’t I fulfill my secret dream to be a professional organizer? Why can’t I be a master photographer and creatively show my family’s stories like works  of art? Why can’t I stop the clock and get all those darn Pinterest projects done? Well for one, I am human not superhuman. No matter how much I wish it, pray for it, try as I might it is just too much for one mere mortal.

This brings me to today. A day when I wake up realizing my good friend Megan is so right when she tells me “sometimes it is good to just stop and do nothing.” She is so wise! Her life is just as busy, but I believe she has found balance better than most of us. What is her secret? I think it’s the fact that she is great at prioritizing and saying NO when it means letting things get out of balance. She is an amazing wife, mom, teacher, and friend. How does she do it all? From my perspective, she keeps the main thing, the main thing. Her family and wellness comes first. Then work. Then everything else is sprinkled in appropriately: fun, rest, friends, etc.

This is inspires me! It makes me realize I can do it all – just not at once! I also reminds me of the vision of putting the “big rocks” in first, then the pebbles, then the sand, then the water. My family and my health come first – “the big rocks”. Then career – “the pebbles”. Then grad school – “the sand”. Then everything else that makes life fun, sparkly, and centered – “the water”.

The big rocks keep us grounded and the water keeps us nourished and the pebbles and sand keep things interesting. Too many big rocks and we get weighed down, too much water we drown, too many pebbles or too much sand and we lose firm footing. Each of us must find the right proportions for ourselves, that is the key to finding and keeping balance so we can stand tall as the superwoman (or man) we truly are!

Thank you to my amazing friend for reminding me of the main thing! Oh, and thanks to my family for putting up with me. You are all what makes life worth living.

❤ Jennifer


2 thoughts on “Struggling with Balance! Confession from a wanna be Superwoman…”

  1. Your friend is absolutely right! I too have trouble with balance and your post showed me a different way of looking at the big picture. Don’t worry about timing – post when you can! I look forward to your emails!


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