Have YOU tried the Konmari Method for organizing? If not, you must!

Since I was little, I’ve loved to organize “stuff”. My stuff, teacher’s stuff, anybody’s stuff. My home library is overflowing with books on organizing (yes, go ahead and laugh). Since moving in with my husband five years ago, I have been purging and organizing like crazy. Merging two households with stuff, my stuff, his stuff, kids’ stuff is a little overwhelming. Every single room, including the garage, has been gone through and cleaned out. Yet, I am never done. There still seems to be so much stuff. Some is important, some not so important. There are still lots of sentimental things we’ve both kept over the years, and I could start my own paper mill with the amount of paper in our home. No wonder I am never done. I never get the bottom of the box, the back of the drawer, or the end of the paper chase. Some days it is simply maddening!

Recently, I come across a major life changing way I organize and “tidy up”. It’s called the “KonMari Method” by Marie Kondo. In fact, I am so intrigued with her method, I purchased her book. The basic premise of her method is to go through your home, papers, memorabilia, etc. category by category. You gather everything that belongs to that category and go through each and every item. If the item does not inspire joy, out it goes!

Now, I am working my way through the book and you can certainly find a huge assortment of info on Marie Kondo’s method, including checklists and worksheets, all over the internet. Just this past week, I printed three worksheets to keep my inner list-making organizing fanatic self happy. I love to check things off a list! I started at the top of the list with the first category of clothing and specifically the subcategories of “underthings” and “tops”. The underthings category is finished and I’m part way through the tops category and all I can say is WOW! Quick, easy, and very satisfying. My underthings are not a mountain of pieces so that was fairly quick and painless. The tops category is taking me a little longer because I have so many tops. Tops in my drawers, tops in my closet. Usually I only have a few minutes of time to go through items, instead of the marathon I wish I could do. I hope to be done the tops category this weekend and move on to bottoms.

I already feel lighter, more energetic, and HAPPY! Below are a few pictures of what three of my drawers look like. I cannot wait to get to the last drawer and that overwhelming closet! So, if you love your stuff and want to get a handle on it all, I highly recommend the KonMari Method.

Items sorted by category and in boxes that fit in the drawer.
Items sorted by category and in boxes that fit in the drawer.
Underthings Drawer #2: Organized by category and in boxes.
My t-shirt drawer! I couldn’t even CLOSE this drawer. It is purged and the ones I’m keeping are folded to maximize space. My workout tanks are on the far right. This drawer makes me HAPPY and want to work out!

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