New classroom decor projects – Spring 2017

Classroom Points Competition Tracker: 

Each class period has an opportunity to earn points for being on time, active participation, giving maximum intellectual effort, being respectful, etc. Points are tallied on the chalkboard. Our campus runs on a 9-week cycle so the class with the most points at the end of the cycle earn a prize. I usually let them vote and usually they just want some sort of sweet treat.  Food is the way to any student’s heart.

Supplies I used:  Chalkboard with twine hanger, vinyl (removable) letters for “Points”, white chalk marker for class periods.

Whiteboard Markers & Eraser Holders: 

I use my whiteboard daily to list the: date, learning target, language objective, success criteria, essential question, and assignment. Since I am often in a hurry and do not want to hunt down my dry erase markers, I keep them corralled on the board. Mesh holders with strong magnets keep them neat and ready to use. Dressing the holders up makes them fun! Tip: Store the markers tip down so the ink continually gravitates down to the tip for makers that last longer.

Supplied I used: Mesh magnetic holders (2), burlap & chalkboard wooden labels (2), white chalk marker, magnetic sheet (sticky on one side) cut to 1.5″ x 4″ and adhered to back of labels so they stick to front of holder.
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