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14 Days of Valentines

     Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. What did you get for your “sweet baboo”? What scrumptious treats have you whipped up for your little loves? Okay. Okay. What’s a blog post without a little cheese? Ooooo…picture it. Cheese, wine, music. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

     This year I was thinking of trying something new, a twist of sorts, on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Hold on to your screen… I call it the 14 Days of Valentines. Creative right?! (Well, at least I try to be creative.)

     This year’s brainstorm came from wondering what to give my husband for Valentine’s Day. Many years Valentine’s Day often feels like an “all or nothing” sort of day. It seems to be an over-the-top extravaganza or the polar opposite. My love and I have been together for seven years and between us there are two full-time jobs, four kids, college courses, and house projects. While our three older kids are now out on their own, we have a five year old we are still entertaining. There is certainly not a lot of time for relaxing, let alone a date night. So, this is where some creativity comes in handy.

     Here is what I’m thinking for this year. Ready? Of course you are! Valentine’s Day is Tuesday and also a school/work night. For starters, I am going to make breakfast! Okay, who am I kidding? We will start our day with gourmet coffee and pastries on the way to work and school. Who can resist caffeine and sugar to get you going? 

     Next, I will put a love note in little miss Pre-K’s lunch box along with some chocolate and send a few sugary texts to my older kids and husband throughout the day. The Tuesday finale is a family dinner date out at a restaurant complete with the most decadent dessert we can order. The focus is on family and food the two things I love the most.

     Now, the BEST part. Starting Wednesday, the 15th, I plan to have some little “treat” of some sort for the Mr. and little Miss PreK each day through the rest of the month. I’m not talking about lots of money or trying to out do Martha Stewart. Just a sweet way to extend the sentiment of Valentine’s Day. After all, why should it be only one day a year that we spread the love?

     Here are some ideas I came up with for my first annual “14 Days of Valentines”. These Valentine’s meant to be given after the 14th. One for each day of the second half of the month and in no particular order. If you have any ideas that would make this list better I’d love to hear them!

  • Daily notes in the lunch box (or other work bag) citing another reason they are loved. 
  • Find a motivational or encouraging quote & write it on a note where it won’t be missed. 
  • Create a playlist of his/her favorite songs. 
  • Create a picture collage of you and your love(s). 
  • Picnic in the park; don’t forget desert!
  • Ensure a chore / honey-do free day, plays games!
  • Have an after dinner brownie sundae bar complete with whip & sprinkles. 
  • Write all the little things you love about Him/Her (& the kids) on stips of colored paper, put in a clear fish owl with a ribbon and tag that says “You caught my heart, hook, line, and sinker.” 
  • “Breakfast in Bed” on a weekend morning. 
  • Host a Favorites Day – focus on the favorite activities, meals, etc. 
  • Bake up a batch of cookies or brownies with sweet sayings written in pink & white icing.
  • Tiny cologne / perfume with a love note waiting by the toothbrush in the morning.
  • Surprise lunch date (if you can have lunch in person) or surprise lunch at school.
  • A new clothing item or accessory with a note saying how they are the perfect accessory for you everyday.

So, there you have fourteen ideas to get you started. Of course, I could keep going but would rather hear the creative ideas you can add to the list! 







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