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Spicing Up the Bathroom Counter. 

      How many of you are like me? I suffer from limited bathroom counter space syndrome. This daily dilema was making me “crazy”!  (*Note: The following post may contain an affiliate for products available at  Purchasing products through these links does not increase the price paid by the consumer. See full disclosure at end of post.) 

      Enter retail therapy. Not the kind you normally think of, rather a purposeful retail purchase. I recently purchased four wooden Ikea spice racks. Each took about two minutes to put together and another two minutes to mount on the bathroom wall. 

The result?! AMAZING! Even the Mr. was impressed! 

I put two on each side of the bathroom counter. Everyting that is normally scattered haphazardly all over the counter now sits neatly on the walls. 

The natural pine color has inspired me to repaint the bathroom with a light and airy color like a soft gray or seaglass green color. It is time for a change to a spa oriented bathroom. Eeekkkk! So excited for a new project. 

These simple wooden spice racks totally transformed this space. As a result I have ordered a few more to strategically place in a another area or two. 


Jennifer Lynn

*Note: there is an affiliate link in the post above. Integral Organinzing is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Purchasing products through these links does not increase the price paid by the consumer. 


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