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DIY Coffee Cup Display

This summer is THE summer for projects. The school year is over and the schedule is now full with organizing, DIY projects, and catching up on my blogging!

Recently, after scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to deal with the large amount of coffee cups we own, I came across pins that showcase them hanging on the wall! How genius!

As part of purging and organizing the kitchen, I decided to make my own. It was super easy and relatively cheap. In the post below I’ve detailed how I made it.

Everything was purchased at Home Depot, although I’m sure you could get the same materials at Lowe’s or other home improvement store. The most expensive I bought were the hooks. In retrospect, I should’ve used some old spoons with character and bent them into hooks. However, I think this looks great. Even my husband was impressed!

Coffee Station 1

Here is my purchased materials list:

  • Three 1″ x 3″ x 3′ “Bed Slats”  (located on the aisle with all the common boards)
  • One 1″ x 2″ x 6′  Poplar board (located on the same aisle). You will need to have the store cut this into three 2-foot sections or you can do this at home with a circular saw or hand saw.
  • One 1″x 2″ x 4′ Poplar board (located on same aisle). You will need this board cut into 8-in pieces for Step 11.
  • One small can of MinWax Wood Stain in Classic Gray (the smallest can)
  • Three 8-count packages of hooks (over by the key machine on the aisle with drawer pulls, etc.).  Notice, my project only has 21 hooks so I have 3 left over to use for a future project. The number of hooks you actually need will depend on how many cups you want to display.

Here are the materials I already had on hand:

  • One cheap bristle paint brush (not a chip brush, mine has black “plastic” bristles)
  • Approx. 9 to 12  1-1/2″ screws
  • Approx. 6  2″ screws
  • Newspaper (to protect your work surface)
  • Small drill or electric screwdriver with the screw bit to match the head of your screws
  • Circular saw (or hand saw)
  • Measuring tape
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Black sharpie (or pencil)

Here are the steps I used to create the display:

Step 1: Measure and mark off three, 2-foot sections on the long 6-foot poplar board. Using a circular saw, cut the 6′ poplar board into three 2-foot sections on the markings.

Step 2: Layout newspaper over your work surface and lay the three bed slats and the three 2-foot poplar sections on the newspaper.

Step 3: Gently shake the can of stain to ensure it is mixed well and use a flathead screwdriver to pry open the lid. Using the bristle paint brush, apply the stain “sparingly” to each board – one edge, then the face, the other edge, both ends.  I used a very light coat so I could see the wood through the stain.


Note: I did not paint the back sides for two reasons: 1) no one would see them once the display was mounted, and 2) it made staining easier since only the exposes face, edges, and ends needed stain and I did not have to worry about flipping the boards over. 

Step 4: Let the boards dry. Mine were ready for assembly in about a half hour. Drying time will depend on how much stain is applied. More stain? More drying time.

Step 5:  Lay the three 2-foot poplar sections on your worksurface , oriented north-south and approx 17″ apart.

Step 6: Lay the three bed slats on top of the poplar boards, oriented east-west, with the “top” slat flush with the top edge of the poplar boards and the botton slat extending approx. 2″ below the bottom edge of the poplar boards. The middle slat is approximately 7″ from both the top and bottom slats.

Step 7: Working on the left end of the TOP horizontal slat, and keeping it flush with the top edge of the poplar, use one screw to secure the slat to the poplar board. Be sure to screw into the slat first and continuing into the poplar board beneath it.

Repeat Step 7 on the far right end of the slat. Finally,  repeat Step 7 to secure the middle of the slat to the middle poplar board.

The end of the slat is FLUSH with the edge of the poplar. The edge of the slat is FLUSH with the end of the poplar (see pic below). 



Step 8:  Now move to the BOTTOM horizontal slat and repeat the process from Step 7 again. making sure everything is SQUARE before you secure the middle

Step 9:  Making sure everything is SQUARE before you secure the middle slat, repeat the process from Step 7. This time, however, you only need to ensure that the ends of the slat are flush with the side of the polar board beneath it. 

Step 10:  Centering a hook to align with the vertical poplar board, mount a hook on each end and in the middle of each slat. Repeat this process for the middle and bottom slats (see picture above).

Step 11:  For the two interior hooks that sit between the end the middle hooks, place one hook about 5-1/2″ from the hook on the end and about 5-1/2″ from the middle hook.  You can certainly adjust this placement depending on how many hooks you are using, how big your cups, are, etc.

Note: The screws included with the hooks may be a little too long for the two hooks mounted only through the slat.  With the extra poplar board, measure off a 8″ pieces, place it behind the slat where the two interior hooks will be mounted. The long screws will go through both the slat and poplar piece and secure everything together. Other options include sawing off protruding portions of the screws, use shorter screws you may have on hand, or just let it be since once mounted, no one will see or feel any portion of a screw that comes through. 

Now to mount your finished project!  

Step 12: Position your finished project where you want it and secure it to the wall using a 2″ screw just below the top horizontal slat on the middle poplar board. Secure the project using another 2″ screw just above the bottom horizontal slat on the same middle poplar board.  Repeat this same process for both poplar boards on the left and right. This will give you a total of six screws into the vertical poplar boards to mount it securely to the wall. Always locate and drill into studs whenever possible! 


Finally, decorate your new faux shiplap mini-pallet with your prettiest coffee cups! Mine hangs above my two coffee machines. I LOVE it!

Coffee Station 1


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