The “On-the-Go” Box…a mom’s secret weapon!

Today, I had an epiphany, my car needed an “on-the-go” box. It seems that while my car is clean of “stuff”, there are times when items not kept in the car would actually come in handy. Thus I created an “on-the-go” box to solve this problem.

What is an “on-the-go” box? Quite simply it is just a small plastic box with a lid that latches on and is filled with items that myself or my 5-year old daughter may need/want occasionally. Oh, and the best part is… it’s small!

I used a clear box (9x12x2) I had previously purchased at Wal-Mart a while back. This box had a lid that snaps on and latches on each end of the box keep it secure. I really like this size/type of box…why don’t I have more? Hmmm…may have to remedy that when needed.


Now to what is in the box. I included general items, mom-only items, and kid items.

For my daughter, I included:  one 9×12 drawing pad, 12-ct colored pencils, earbuds, bubbles (sealed in a ziplock bag), one travel-sized game, and three types of playing cards. Depending on the frequency of use and her ever-changing interests, these items will probably be changed out periodically.


For myself, I included: lip balm, spare sunglasses, herbal tea, and one protein bar. I also included some feminine items but left them out of the picture to spare any male readers.

For general items I included: sunscreen, bug spray, small scissors, a flashlight, band-aids, gloves, and Neosporin in another ziplock bag and three extra large ziplock bags. Oh, and I came across my small hand sanitizer and two wrapped straws so I included those as well (but they are not in the photo).


After packing it all in neatly and wrote out a label that I taped to the inside of the lid facing out. The box now sides in the back of my car but could easily slide under a seat.

20170621_121517.jpg   20170621_121529

Perhaps this post with inspire you to create your own “On-the-Go” box. What would YOU include?



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