Summer Project 1: Kitchen Purge

    School is out for me and the kids and summer is finally in full swing. Over the past 7 years we’ve blended our family and two households of “stuff “. Now that 3 of the four kids are grown and off on their own, I can finally start downsizing and updating our little 1970’s ranch. 

     This past week, I’ve tackled project #1 – The Kitchen. As the heart of every home, the kitchen is often the first to become cluttered and disrrayed and needs to be the first thing tackled when getting back on track. 

     Here are some highlights from this past week. I sealed up all the creavices between my cabinets and the back wall, then repainted the inside of the cabinets white. They were a nasty old blue color, definitely not a pretty blue. 

I also purged the lower cabinets and organized under the sink. Not perfect or painted, but definitley downsized! I’ll paint and line these cabinets another day. 

So…there it is. What’s a project you’ve completed or want to complete? 




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