Summer Project 2: Classroom Decor

I am so excited! After getting the kitchen project done I decided to do a little project for the classroom. Since I’m moving to a new school with very little left from the infamous classroom fire, I need new things! 

I hate writing the date on the board so I thought I’d make it more “fun” with a cute chalkboard sign. I created another sign to go just under the date sign for my agenda. Magnets were placed on the back since these signs will go on the front whiteboard. 

Signs for Front Whiteboard

On the side whiteboard I plan to make a grid for the learning target and success criteria for each day of the week. A wooden letter for each day of the week was painted in a beautiful Caribbean blue and magnets applied to the back. Two more chalkboard signs were made just like the previous two (with magnets as well) but with different signage.

Letters for Top of Side Whiteboard
Signs for Left Side of Side Whiteboard

Here is a picture of the front and side whiteboards. I can’t wait to return to school and get everything in place! 

Front Whiteboard
Side Whiteboard

I purchased some turquoise fabric and burlap to cover the the bulletin board. This board will be the “F.Y.I.” board. I also made a title banner for the board from brown triangle papercraft and brown twine. It’s going to look so cute! 

Supplies for the bulletin board
The banner in progress.

Hopefully I can get to the classroom this week, put up these items, and take new pictures for this post. In the meantime, I think I’ll put duplicates up on my Etsy shop, JenJayDesigns

Stay creative. Stay organized. 




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