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Busy Moms’ Guide: 10 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring


Ah, Spring!  That time of year when everything is renewed, glowing, and full of anticipation. It’s also that time of year when we start thinking of “Spring Cleaning”.

While our pioneer ancestors had to employ spring cleaning as a way to open up and freshen the homestead after a long harsh winter, we can simply enjoy a renewed interest in activities and hobbies that typically get put on hold during winter months. Now, if you are a busy mom like me, then you definitely know that “Spring Cleaning” is really a lofty idea. During the week, my time is filled with teaching math in high school and keeping the essential tasks running smoothly at home. The weekends are filled with chores, errands, family time, grading, lesson planning, and if I’m really lucky…a nap.

As the weather became a lot milder this week and I was suddenly hit with the urge to complete every household project I’ve ever written down. After reality set in, I decided that I need to simply focus on a few ways to spruce up our home without overwhelming my already busy schedule.

10 ideas for a Spring Spruce up

  1. Clean the windows. Grab your favorite window cleaner, some paper towels, and wipe away the dirt and dust that can cloud up your windows. If you have kids, entice them to help you (or do the whole job) with a  reward for a job well done. Now’s also a great time to take down your window curtains and give them a spin in the washer (or send to the dry cleaner). Be sure to check the instructions tag on your window dressings.
  2. Store winter clothes & decor. I personally do not have a lot of extra closet space just hanging around (pun intended) waiting for me to fill it with off-season items. It is, however, a good idea to relocate heavy winter items to their own space or at least to areas that are not prime real estate in your home. Often times, I gather all my heavy winter clothes and simply rotate them to back of the closet or place folded items in under bed storage or dedicated shelves. Make a pass through each room and gather any items that will not be needed until cooler weather returns and store them or donate them.
  3. Accessorize. New patterns or colors can brighten up your home and lift your mood. One or two new throw pillows (or make covers), lampshades, kitchen towels and floral arrangements can be small ways to change the look of a room quickly and easily.
  4. Add some flair with Art! Gather the kids, grab some supplies and create your own. Canvases are fairly inexpensive and an hour or two painting with your kids is priceless. Other ideas include photo collages, mosaics from scrapbook paper, etc. You could even make time for a date night and go to places like Painting with a Twist for a more “professional” look. If time is at a premium, you can always pick up artwork or framed prints from a local home decor & craft center.
  5. Declutter. Spend a few minutes per room to remove any items that can be donated, need to be relocated or trashed. Got just five minutes? Pick a drawer (you know the ones) and clear them out. Enlist the kids and have them help. Turn it into a scavenger hunt or contest and provide a small reward for the most trash, the most unusual item to get rid of, and so on. Simply by getting the clutter out of your home, you will feel an immediate sense of clean.
  6. Liven up with plants! Houseplants, container gardens, and planting flowers is a beautiful way to brighten your home, clear your air, and bring nature inside (or outside as well).
  7. Rearrange Furniture. When I was growing up I drove my parents crazy by rearranging my bedroom furniture several times a month. No joke! I loved how just moving things around (which also helped me get rid of clutter), my bedroom felt fresh and new. I guess you could say I got bored easily but in those days there was no internet or social media to help us lose track of time. These days, I sometimes will move furniture and accessories between different rooms. It’s like shopping for new stuff without emptying your wallet!
  8. Fresh Paint. Need I say more? Like a fresh blanket of snow, everything is clean, fresh, and transformed. Call some friends over for a painting party, order some pizza, and supply beverages. Then, turn up the music and get to movin’ and groovin’.
  9. New hardware, knobs, & pulls. While this could be a little more costly, new hardware, esp after fresh paint really pulls a look together. These small details can change the entire look of a kitchen, bathroom, or even furniture.
  10. Fresh towels, shower curtains, and sheets. Who doesn’t love crisp, new sheets? Brand new towels beg to be wrapped around you. Stock up on these items when they go on sale.

I hope this list is just what you are looking for or inspires your to create your own. Got other ideas for a Spring Spruce Up? I’d love to hear your take in the comments below!

Happy Sprucing,

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