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Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

Every year I vow to find the perfect way of showing my husband and kids how much I love them. Funny thing though, shouldn't I be doing this every day of the year? Yes. I should. Yes. I continually fall short. 

family, Fun, Holiday

14 Days of Valentines

     Tuesday is Valentine's Day. What did you get for your "sweet baboo"? What scrumptious treats have you whipped up for your little loves? Okay. Okay. What's a blog post without a little cheese? Ooooo...picture it. Cheese, wine, music. Perfect for Valentine's Day!      This year I was thinking of trying something new,… Continue reading 14 Days of Valentines


Spreading Love, Kindness, Peace, & Joy

Sixteen days into the new year...are you spreading love, kindness, peace, & joy? We all deserve to receive the four precious gifts and we all owe it to ourselves and other to give them freely. The older I get (I'm 21, with 21 years of experience, cough cough), the more I realize life really is all… Continue reading Spreading Love, Kindness, Peace, & Joy