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Forget resolutions…focus on goals!

It is about half-way through January 2018. How are your 2018 resolutions faring? Mine are doing great! Mainly, because I didn't make any resolutions. Rather, I made GOALS. 

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January 2017 Kickoff to an Organized Year Part 2

How have you been during this first week of 2017? If you are anything like me, the post-holiday busyness made this week fly by at the speed of light. Last week, my post focused on a to-do list for January that centered on everyday things to get done to get the new year off to… Continue reading January 2017 Kickoff to an Organized Year Part 2

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Is it REALLY better with bacon?

It is often said that everything is better with bacon. Now while I love bacon, is¬†everything better with a slab of salty, crispy perfection? Apparently one of my dear students feels that way. Today as I was grading a recent math lab, I was treated to a really good belly laugh. To answer a question… Continue reading Is it REALLY better with bacon?