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Got Too Many Books?

Are your shelves filled with too many books that are just collecting dust? Still have all your college textbooks? Does your office look like a mini-library or Barnes & Noble? If you could wear an "honorary librarian" badge proudly, I have a solution that can rid you of all books collecting dust and bring you a little bit of pocket money. 

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Integral Tip: How to Organize on a Budget!

Happy July! Can you believe the year is half over?! One more month and a family vacation to Tahoe then I'll be headed back to school. It really is pretty exciting. Needless to say, there is so much to get done over the next 31 days. Yesterday while talking with a good friend who is… Continue reading Integral Tip: How to Organize on a Budget!

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Accidental Minimalist

So the past few weeks have been one wild ride! After an unfortunate classroom disaster over winter break, my classroom has been rebuilt and ready for learning! The previous version of the room was an explosion of color, posters, materials, supplies, and "stuff" accumulated over the past 13 years. These are two of the walls...… Continue reading Accidental Minimalist