Spreading Love, Kindness, Peace, & Joy

Sixteen days into the new year...are you spreading love, kindness, peace, & joy? We all deserve to receive the four precious gifts and we all owe it to ourselves and other to give them freely.┬áThe older I get (I'm 21, with 21 years of experience, cough cough), the more I realize life really is all… Continue reading Spreading Love, Kindness, Peace, & Joy

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30 Days CAN Make a Difference

30 days. 30 days seem like such a short time and yet, can seem like an eternity. It is all how you view your time. We are each given the same 24 hours each day, the same seven days per week, and an average of 30 days per month. What do you do with your… Continue reading 30 Days CAN Make a Difference

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Day 5: Back to the Grind

Today 5:30am came way too early and tomorrow 4:30am will be even harder. Sigh. Time, it seems, is something I never have enough of these days. My lists are longer, my responsibility load is heavier, and my dreams are loftier. Do you ever find yourself in the same boat? Too much to do and not… Continue reading Day 5: Back to the Grind